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Northam Media is the logical partner of choice for business and finance brands such as EY, HSBC, Moody’s, CNBC and Thomson Reuters.  Based in London and Washington DC, we are a team of former journalists and designers who have first-hand experience working at CNBC and other global media outlets. The people who work at our agency truly understand how big business and broadcast media works. Over the years, we have interviewed countless CEOs, politicians and industry leaders, as well as attended high-profile events such as The World Economic Forum, G8, OPEC, IMF meetings and the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. 

We take the pain away from clients by acting as a very experienced safe pair of hands that can deliver a broad spectrum of quality content at speed. Working directly with each client, we discuss their needs and then come up with a content plan and solution that’s specific to the audience they are trying to engage. Our personal style creates trust and confidence with everyone we work with.


We provide clients with a number of solutions, but principally offer: content strategy, design, video production and interviews, motion graphics, branding and copywriting. Our creative team work directly with our clients to ensure consistency throughout a project, thereby avoiding any dealings with account managers. 


We’re not happy until you are.


Our efficient, competitively priced, quality approach is built upon a deep knowledge of core business issues, an understanding of how our clients’ work and our experience interviewing senior-level people.

Our expertise lies in our ability to take complex information, or a broad idea and distil it down into what is important. Once we are clear on the message that needs to be conveyed, we create highly engaging content to effectively communicate that desired message to our clients’ target audience. 

  • Our background in international journalism means we know how to research a topic properly and from different angles. We do not create puff pieces.

  • We are comfortable interviewing CEOs, politicians and industry leaders. We know how to get the most out of them and are adept at doing everything from researching and writing questions for the interview to conducting the interview itself and producing the final product.

  • Our video work has high-production values akin to broadcast standards. This drives higher engagement than standard corporate communication.

  • We know how broadcast media works and is evolving, meaning in addition to our creative services we can advise on areas such as how to effectively pitch ideas to the broadcast media, media training, contract negotiation and the setting up of in-house creative teams.

  • We are highly creative, ensuring better resonance of content from brands whose messages are inherently corporate. Whether we are highlighting key facts and figures about oil prices in an infographic or interviewing a CEO, there is always an angle to our work that is purposely creative in order to better resonate with the target audience.

  • We understand the commercial side of a business and are able to tailor our work to meet both editorial and commercial needs.


Below are a few selected projects from the hundreds we have created


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A true labour of love, our Proof in Trial podcast series is a collaborative effort with our client – Hogan Lovells. The series is a deep dive into some of the most compelling cases from the Hogan Lovells US litigation team. The series takes the listener behind the scenes as the lawyers and their clients share the inside stories of some of the firm’s most dramatic court cases.



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GIC is a leading global investment firm with well over US$100 billion in assets under management. We created an animation which explains their value proposition and brings the brand to life. This project played to one of our core strengths - working with large global companies on animation projects that visually showcases their values and purpose.


Huffington Post

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This was a great project that allowed us to tell the story of a CEO from a different perspective. As part of the HuffPost ‘Talk to Me’ series, we spent the day at the home of EY Chairman and CEO Mark Weinberger in the US. His daughter Rachel sat down to interview him, offering the viewer a rare glimpse into Mark’s life. It was a chance to tell Mark’s personal story and his honesty and love of his family resonates throughout.


Hello Magazine

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Our background in broadcast media meant we were well placed to help our client in the launch of a new TV network, Hello!TV. We designed and created the on-air visual identity and wider brand pack which has enabled the network to successfully launch in LatAm. 


More work can be seen at our Vimeo and YouTube channels:

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